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About Vex 6

Newer Version: Vex 7

“Vex 6” is a highly-rated platform game and the sixth installment in the popular Vex series. Released in October 2021 and developed by Amazing Adam, the game is playable in web browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms. This action-packed game continues the series’ tradition of navigating through a series of challenging traps and obstacles, each level designed to test the player’s agility and strategic thinking​​​​.

The game features several new elements and challenges that enhance the gameplay experience. Like its predecessors, “Vex 6” includes deadly traps that require players to master the game’s mechanics and timing to survive. The levels are filled with various obstacles that players must overcome, with the added challenge of meeting specific objectives, such as collecting a certain number of coins or completing stages without dying. Additionally, “Vex 6” introduces a daily bonus stage with unique rooms and tasks, adding variety and replay value to the game​​.

One of the notable new features in “Vex 6” is the ability to customize the Vex character. Players can use Vex coins and bonus stars earned during gameplay to purchase new skins for their character. The skins shop offers a range of costumes with varying rarities, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience. Besides the customization options, “Vex 6” provides players with the opportunity to engage in daily challenges and bonus levels, further enhancing the gameplay experience​​​​.

In terms of controls, “Vex 6” maintains the series’ intuitive control scheme, making it accessible to both new and returning players. The game can be controlled using the AD or left/right arrow keys for movement, the W or up arrow to jump, and the S or down arrow to crouch or enter an act. These simple yet effective controls contribute to the game’s immersive and engaging gameplay​​.

Overall, “Vex 6” stands out as a compelling addition to the Vex games, offering new challenges, customization options, and daily tasks, all wrapped up in a visually appealing and accessible platform game. Its combination of traditional platform elements with new features makes it a must-try for fans of the genre.

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