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“Vex 7,” released in October 2022, is the latest addition to the popular Vex series, known for its challenging platform gameplay. This installment continues the series’ tradition of navigating through a labyrinth of tricks and traps, introducing new adventures, tools, and mechanics. The game’s design remains true to the Vex formula, offering a mix of frustration and fun, with the added excitement of new challenges that test players’ dexterity and problem-solving skills​​​​.

As with previous Vex games, players face a variety of deadly contraptions in “Vex 7,” from which mastering the controls, timing, and techniques is essential to progress. This game, however, brings additional elements to the experience. Players can earn rewards by meeting certain conditions on each level, such as not dying once or collecting a specified quantity of gold coins. There are also various achievements to acquire, enhancing the game’s replayability and challenge. An interesting feature is the tower – a continuous bonus stage that changes each time you enter, offering unique achievements and additional challenges​​.

Players have the opportunity to personalize their experience in “Vex 7” by upgrading their character. Using Vex coins and bonus stars, players can purchase new skins for their Vex character from the skins shop, with a range of costumes of differing rarity available. This customization adds a fun and personal touch to the game. The game also includes innovative features such as parachutes, grappling hooks, TNT, and elixir, which aid in navigating the levels and provide brief invincibility moments. These new tools add depth to the gameplay, requiring players to strategically use them to overcome the game’s challenges​​​​.

In summary, “Vex 7” is a significant and exciting addition to the Vex series, offering new mechanics, challenges, and personalization options. Its combination of traditional platform elements with new features and daily tasks makes it a must-try for fans of action and platform games. The game continues the series’ legacy of providing engaging, skill-testing gameplay that has come to define the Vex franchise.

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