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“Farm Town” is a farming simulation game that offers a delightful blend of agriculture and business management. In the game, players focus on building and managing a farm, growing crops, raising animals, and completing orders from townsfolk to earn experience points and coins. These orders come in various forms: requests pinned on an order board, from people visiting the farm, and from random places around the town. Successfully fulfilling these orders helps unlock more buildings and items, and rewards players with essential resources.

The game features a range of equipment and food capacity upgrades, including mixers, vegetable choppers, ovens, ranges, cutting boards, and grinders, each serving a specific purpose in processing your farm’s produce. For instance, a mixer turns grain into flour dough, while a vegetable chopper turns vegetables into salad. Managing these resources efficiently is key to expanding your farm and enhancing its productivity.

Players also need to make strategic decisions about spending two types of currencies in the game: coins and rubies. Coins are relatively easier to earn and can be used for unlocking buildings, buying animals, purchasing items at the Fair, and expanding territory. Rubies, considered as premium currency, should be spent wisely, such as on extra slots in buildings or completing critical upgrades.

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