Angry Faic

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About Angry Faic

Angry Faic is a casual game where players take control of a furious face, known as Faic, that is tasked with colliding into different colored faces while avoiding faces of a similar color. The gameplay centers around keeping Faic airborne by bouncing off the other faces and accumulating points with each successful hit. The premise is simple, yet the challenge escalates with the progressive increase in the pace of the game and the density of faces to navigate through.

The controls in Angry Faic are straightforward. Players use the arrow keys to guide Faic in the desired direction. The goal is to hit as many differently colored faces as possible to rack up points while steering clear of faces that match Faic’s color, as hitting them will result in a loss of life. As players accumulate points, they can change Faic’s color to match the predominant color of faces on the screen, thus strategizing to prolong their gameplay and boost their score.

Angry Faic’s minimalist graphics and simple gameplay mechanics make it an accessible choice for players looking for a quick gaming fix. The escalating challenge and the pursuit of a higher score can make the game quite addictive, providing that “just one more try” allure. Although it doesn’t offer a deep narrative or complex mechanics, Angry Faic presents a fun and engaging challenge that can keep players entertained as they attempt to master the art of bouncing around the screen while taking out as many opposing faces as possible.

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