Where’s My Cat

Info About Where’s My Cat

Where’s My Cat? is a point-and-click adventure flash game where players help an elderly lady named Mrs. Glick find her lost cat. The game takes place in a small town, where players must visit different locations, solve puzzles, and interact with various objects and characters to uncover clues about the cat’s whereabouts. The game combines elements of hidden object gameplay with a humorous narrative​.

Players use their detective skills to search for the missing cat by clicking on objects and solving mini-puzzles. The game involves multiple levels, each presenting unique challenges and requiring players to think creatively to progress. As players advance, they encounter various quirky characters and situations, adding depth and humor to the storyline​​.

The game’s charming graphics and engaging puzzles make it a delightful experience for players of all ages. With its blend of adventure and mystery, Where’s My Cat? offers a fun and interactive way to spend time, appealing particularly to fans of casual and puzzle games.

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