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“Trollface Defense” is a tower defense game where the player’s objective is to shoot all the trolling enemies that advance toward them. The game is characterized by its humor, reflecting the popular internet meme culture, particularly the iconic “Trollface” known for representing internet trolling and prank culture.

The game involves positioning the player’s character, who is armed and ready to fend off an array of troll characters. As these trolls move towards the player’s position with the intention to invade, the player must use strategic shooting to eliminate them. The defense gameplay includes a variety of weapons and upgrades that the player can use to improve their efficiency in combat against increasingly cunning waves of trolls.

“Trollface Defense” challenges players with multiple levels, where each subsequent stage introduces tougher and faster trolls. The gameplay demands quick reflexes and sharpshooting skills as the player deals with a larger number of trolls, some with unique abilities designed to dodge bullets or hide from the player’s sight.

Completing levels and achieving high scores allows players to unlock new weapons and power-ups, essential for combating the next wave of troll invaders. The game’s graphics are in line with the comedic theme, featuring exaggerated expressions and animations that add to the lighthearted yet challenging experience.

The game’s premise is simple: stop the trolls in their tracks before they can reach and overrun your defense. With direct and fast-paced action, “Trollface Defense” offers players an amusing yet intense defense game experience.

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