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Online Game Spolous

Spolous is a side-scrolling 2D shooter game (shmup) featuring engaging gameplay where players navigate their fighter to battle enemies and avoid obstacles. The game provides various power-ups and unlockables to enhance the player’s experience.


  1. Power-Up Mechanism: While playing, if a player collects a capsule item, a gauge displayed at the bottom lights up. By hitting the power-up button during this state, the player can power-up their fighter.
  2. Routes and Difficulty: The game consists of 5 different routes. Upon completing a route, a new, more challenging route unlocks. There are three classes of difficulty available, providing a progressive challenge.
  3. Fighter Selection: Initially, players can choose from four different types of fighters. However, as they accumulate and spend credits, more fighters become available for selection.

How to Play: Spolous supports gamepad, keyboard, and mouse controls with a recommendation for using a gamepad for the best experience. Players can customize the keys or button settings from the configuration menu.

Control Schemes:

  • Gamepad (XBox controller):
    • Left Stick/D-pad: Movement of player and menu cursor.
    • A Button: Submit/Fire.
    • B Button: Special Function/Cancel.
    • X Button: Power-up.
    • Back Button: Pause.
  • Mouse:
    • Left Button: Submit, and control player movement with firing and menu cursor.
    • Right Button: Cancel, Power-up.
    • Center Button: Special Function.
    • (Note: Players can move without firing by pressing the submit/fire key on the keyboard while moving with the left mouse button.)
  • Keyboard:
    • Arrow Keys: Player and cursor movement.
    • Z: Power-up.
    • X: Submit/Fire.
    • C: Cancel/Special Function.
    • Tab: Pause.

Spolous offers a classic yet refreshed shmup experience with its unique features and control flexibility, catering to different player preferences.

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