Poor Eddie

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Online Game Poor Eddie

Set in a series of increasingly complex levels, each one represents a different day in the life of Eddie. From getting out of bed to heading to work, shopping, or going to the gym, Eddie always needs a nudge (or more) to get going.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  1. Interactive Environment: Each level is filled with objects that players can interact with to move Eddie towards the exit. From alarm clocks to rolling pins, skateboards to bouncy beds – players need to strategize on how best to use each item to propel Eddie forward.
  2. Direct Action on Eddie: At times, players may need to directly intervene with Eddie. This could involve a gentle push, a strong kick, or even a slap! The challenge is to figure out when and how to act so that Eddie reaches the exit in the most efficient way.
  3. Puzzles & Challenges: Some levels will introduce puzzles that must be solved to create a clear path for Eddie. For instance, arranging books in a specific order might open a door, or setting up dominoes correctly can create a chain reaction that moves Eddie forward.
  4. Time Limits & Star Ratings: To increase challenge and replayability, each level can have a time limit. Completing the level faster could earn the player more stars or points.
  5. NPCs & Other Characters: As the levels progress, other characters can be introduced who either help or hinder Eddie’s progress. For example, a dog might chase Eddie, making him move faster, while a friendly neighbor could offer him a couch to nap on, slowing him down.
  6. Power-ups & Boosts: Special items can be collected or earned that give Eddie temporary boosts, like a caffeine shot that makes him move faster for a short time, or headphones that make him dance towards the exit.

Visual & Audio: The game’s visual style could be cartoonish and exaggerated, highlighting the humor in Eddie’s reluctance and the sometimes absurd methods used to get him moving. The audio could include comical sound effects, Eddie’s groans and mumbles, and upbeat background music to contrast his laziness.

Monetization (for mobile or online platforms):

  • In-app Purchases: Special power-ups, alternate costumes for Eddie, or even unique level packs.
  • Ads: Watch an ad for a temporary boost or to earn in-game currency.
  • Level Packs: Offer additional, more challenging level packs for a fee.
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