Ninjago Forgotten City

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Online Game Ninjago Forgotten City

Ninjago Forgotten City is a dynamic action game set in the expansive universe of LEGO Ninjago, specifically designed to challenge players’ combat and navigation skills. In this game, players assume the role of Kai, a skilled ninja, who embarks on an adventure through the eerie and mysterious Forgotten City. The primary objective is to combat and overcome various enemies that inhabit the city. Players use the Left or Right Arrow keys for movement, with a quick double press initiating a dash move, which is crucial for evading enemy attacks and navigating through the city’s obstacles efficiently. The ‘A’ key is designated for attacks, allowing Kai to engage foes in combat as he progresses through the game. This mechanic ensures a blend of strategy and action, as players must decide when to dodge and when to confront adversaries head-on.

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