My Dear Boss

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Info About My Dear Boss

“My Dear Boss” is a humorous and engaging distance game where players take on the role of an employee fed up with their demanding boss. The game’s central objective is simple yet amusing: kick your boss as far as possible. This concept taps into the fantasy of venting frustration in a harmless and entertaining way​​​​.

The gameplay involves launching the boss out of a window, with the player clicking to ensure the boss covers a greater distance each time. As the game progresses, players can select from various upgrades to enhance their ability to launch the boss further. This mechanic adds a layer of strategy to the game, as players must decide which upgrades will most effectively increase their distance​​.

Presented by Armor Games and developed by Origaming Media, “My Dear Boss” offers a unique blend of action and humor. The game’s design encourages players from all over the world to share creative ideas, fostering a sense of community among its players. Its straightforward yet addictive gameplay, coupled with the humorous concept of getting back at a difficult boss, has made “My Dear Boss” popular among online gamers​​.

Overall, “My Dear Boss” stands out for its lighthearted take on workplace frustrations, offering players a fun and stress-relieving experience. Its combination of distance-based gameplay, upgradeable features, and a humorous premise make it an enjoyable choice for those looking for a casual and entertaining online game.

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