Kitts Kingdom

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Info About Kitts Kingdom

“Kitt’s Kingdom” is an action-packed online game where you play as Sergeant Kitt, defending the kingdom of Felis against the Canine Empire. The game challenges you to utilize various weapons to fend off waves of enemies, including horrible hounds, marauding mutts, and pillaging pooches, as well as some particularly tough bosses.

The gameplay in “Kitt’s Kingdom” involves strategic elements like upgrading your tower, recruiting fellow soldiers, and modifying your weapons to improve your defenses against the canine onslaught. The game’s action genre ensures a dynamic and engaging experience as you battle to protect the kingdom of Felis and restore peace.

This game offers a fun and captivating experience for players who enjoy action and strategy, combined with a whimsical storyline of a cat fighting against a canine empire. For more details, you can visit or

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