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“Infectonator! Survivors” is a hybrid game combining elements of real-time strategy (RTS), tower defense, roguelike, and management simulation. Developed by Toge Productions, the game tasks players with leading a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Players must scavenge for resources, build defenses, and fend off zombie hordes to keep their group alive. Each playthrough is unique due to the game’s randomized permadeath system, which ensures high replayability​.

The gameplay involves a mix of strategic planning and real-time action. Players need to carefully manage their survivors, each with different skills and abilities, while exploring the map, gathering supplies, and upgrading their base. Combat is tactical, requiring players to position their survivors and use their abilities effectively to survive waves of zombie attacks​.

“Infectonator! Survivors” has received mixed reviews, praised for its challenging gameplay and strategic depth, but also noted for some balance issues and repetitive elements. Despite this, it remains a compelling choice for fans of zombie survival and strategy games who enjoy a mix of different gameplay genres​.

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