Head Soccer 2022

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Engage in an exciting soccer face-off in Head Soccer 2022 Duel! Whether playing solo or against a friend, this game provides endless fun and competitive spirit. Choose your favorite player, and step onto the field to show who has the best head-shot in town!

In 1-player mode, test your skills against a competitive AI, honing your reaction time and strategy. In 2-player mode, challenge a friend to a friendly duel where only the best will score!

Simple yet captivating controls make it easy to jump in, and the engaging gameplay will keep you hooked. Score more goals by heading the ball past your opponent, and prove you have what it takes to win the Head Soccer 2022 Duel!

How to Play:

  • Load the game and select either 1-player mode to play against the computer or 2-player mode to play against a friend.
  • In 1-player mode, use the Arrow keys to move, and ‘F’ and ‘G’ keys to hit the ball.
  • In 2-player mode:
    • Player 1: Use ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ to move, and ‘F’ and ‘G’ to hit the ball.
    • Player 2: Use Arrow keys to move, and ‘K’ and ‘L’ to hit the ball.

Hit the soccer ball into the opposing goal to score points. The player with the most points by the end of the match wins! Get ready for some head-to-head soccer fun in Head Soccer 2022 Duel!

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