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“Hanger” refers to a popular online game where the objective is to swing through different levels using a rope. The game’s character is a ragdoll figure, and the gameplay mechanism resembles that of a pendulum. Players must swing from point to point, aiming to reach the end of each level. The challenge lies in avoiding obstacles and walls, which can dismember the ragdoll, and trying to complete the levels in the shortest amount of time or with the fewest number of swings. The game usually has a simple control scheme, often just a single button for releasing and attaching the rope, making it easy to pick up but difficult to master.

“Hanger” has seen multiple iterations and updates, each version often comes with new levels, enhanced graphics, and sometimes new gameplay elements or mechanics to keep the game fresh and engaging.

The game is known for its humorous and slightly gruesome physics-based gameplay, which can lead to hilarious and unpredictable results as players try to swing their way to victory while keeping their ragdoll in one piece. The fun comes from both mastering the swinging mechanics and witnessing the chaotic, ragdoll physics in action.

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