Dadish 3

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Online Game Dadish 3

“Dadish 3” is a platform game where players control a radish dad on a mission to rescue his children. In this installment, Dadish’s kids have boarded a suspicious bus for a field trip, raising concerns that they might be in danger. The game’s plot involves navigating various environments like sewers and deserts, even befriending a dolphin, and encountering Dadish’s estranged spouse, Momato.

Gameplay-wise, “Dadish 3” requires players to leap across gaps, double-jump to safety, and avoid traps and enemies. One of the highlights of the game is the humorous interactions between Dadish and his children as each one is rescued. These conversations add a light-hearted and enjoyable element to the game.

The game is noted for its charming pixel art visuals and vibrant colors, fitting the game’s whimsical and humorous tone. The character designs, especially the vegetables, are well-crafted and add to the game’s appeal. However, some levels in “Dadish 3” might present a considerable challenge, potentially leading to moments of frustration, especially for more casual platformer players.

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