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“Burger Tycoon” is a resource management game where players build and manage their own fast-food burger empire. The game requires players to handle every aspect of the burger business, from raising cattle to running the restaurant. Players must manage the supply chain efficiently, ensuring that their farms, feedlots, and restaurants are all operating smoothly. This involves hiring and firing employees, maintaining the quality of the products, and making strategic decisions to maximize profits while minimizing costs.

The game is divided into four main areas: the farm, the feedlot, the fast-food restaurant, and corporate headquarters. Each area has its own set of tasks and challenges, requiring players to balance their focus and resources to keep everything running efficiently. Poor management can lead to issues such as food contamination, employee strikes, or financial losses, making it crucial to keep a close eye on all aspects of the business.

“Burger Tycoon” is known for its satirical take on the fast-food industry, highlighting the ethical and environmental issues associated with mass production and corporate practices. The game’s detailed mechanics and strategic depth make it a compelling experience for players interested in management simulations​.

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