BoxRob 2

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About BoxRob 2

Also, play BoxRob 3.

Moving back to “BoxRob 2”, this game also centers around a puzzle platform format where players use a robot to load boxes onto trucks. Like its successor, it features a mix of easy to challenging levels where players must use logical thinking and strategy to successfully move boxes into their designated spots using a forklift.

The game mechanics are similar to those in BoxRob 3, involving navigating a robot to move and stack boxes to solve puzzles. However, BoxRob 2 lays the groundwork for the more intricate designs and complex tasks found in BoxRob 3, providing an excellent base for players to develop their skills before advancing to the next game in the series.

“BoxRob 2” is praised for its engaging gameplay and is a recommended starting point for new players to the series. It offers a solid introduction to the game’s mechanics and the style of puzzle challenges that are further elaborated in BoxRob 3. This game is also widely accessible and can be played for free across various platforms, making it easy for enthusiasts to get involved​.

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