Army of Ages

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Online Game Army of Ages

“Army of Ages” is an engaging strategy game that involves building a powerful army to defend against hostile alien invaders. The game spans across different ages, allowing players to upgrade and evolve their forces, transitioning from primitive troops to advanced futuristic warriors.

In the gameplay, players start with a modest base and a handful of units. As you gather resources and fend off initial waves of alien attacks, you earn points that can be spent on upgrading your base, unlocking new types of units, and evolving to a new age with better technology and stronger defenses.

How to Play:

  1. Use the mouse to interact with the game, managing your base, deploying units, and deciding on which upgrades to purchase.
  2. Combat is mostly automated, with your troops engaging any nearby enemies, but strategic management and timely upgrades are crucial for overcoming stronger waves of alien foes.
  3. Progress through different ages, each offering new types of units and upgrades, to build the most potent army and eliminate the alien threat.

“Army of Ages” provides a challenging strategy experience, mixing resource management, tactical combat, and a compelling progression system that takes you through different eras of warfare. It’s about balancing your resources, knowing when to advance to the next age, and deploying a diverse army capable of withstanding the alien onslaught. Through strategic thinking and a strong defense, you’ll push back the invaders and secure victory for your civilization.

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