Arkanoid Hamu

About Arkanoid Hamu


Dive into the world of “Arkanoid Hamu,” where the classic arcade gameplay of Arkanoid meets a quirky, fun twist with Hamu, our adorable protagonist. Brace yourself for a journey of paddle-ball action, enhanced graphics, and delightful challenges!

Game Mechanics

  1. The Paddle: Guided by the player, the paddle (or in this case, Hamu) moves horizontally at the bottom of the screen. Its goal is to prevent the ball from falling off the screen’s bottom while reflecting it back to break the bricks.
  2. The Ball: The ball bounces off the walls, bricks, and the paddle. It serves as the primary tool to break bricks and achieve game objectives.
  3. Bricks & Levels: Each level presents a unique formation of bricks. While some bricks can be broken with a single hit, others might require multiple hits or special balls.
  4. Power-ups: As bricks are destroyed, they may drop power-ups which, when collected by the paddle, offer a range of benefits:
    • Expand Hamu: Makes Hamu larger, making it easier to hit the ball.
    • Multiply Ball: Splits the ball into multiple balls for added chaos and fun.
    • Sticky Hamu: Allows Hamu to “catch” the ball and then release it in a desired direction.
    • Laser Hamu: Equip Hamu with lasers to shoot and break bricks.
  5. Challenges & Enemies: As players progress, they’ll encounter moving bricks, unbreakable barriers, and even enemies that actively try to hinder Hamu’s progress.

Strategies and Tips

  1. Angle Your Shots: Learning to angle your reflections with Hamu can help you target tricky brick formations or reach power-ups faster.
  2. Prioritize Power-Ups: Not all power-ups are created equal. Depending on the level and situation, some power-ups might be more beneficial than others.
  3. Watch Out for Power-Downs: Just as there are power-ups, beware of power-downs. These can shrink Hamu, speed up the ball, or introduce other challenges.
  4. Plan for Multi-ball Chaos: If you activate the multiply ball power-up, be ready for increased challenge and chaos. It can be rewarding but also risky.
  5. Master the Sticky Feature: The ability to catch and release the ball at will (using the Sticky Hamu power-up) can be a game-changer. Use it to aim your shots with precision.


“Arkanoid Hamu” brings back the nostalgic gameplay of classic Arkanoid but with delightful twists and enhanced features. As players navigate through levels, they’re not just breaking bricks but also engaging with a game that requires strategy, reflexes, and a dash of whimsy. So, gear up with Hamu and embark on this bouncing adventure!

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