Age Of Wonder

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Delve into the fascinating era of ancient scrolls and lost knowledge with “Age Of Wonder.” Set in a time when knowledge was power and the written word was a guarded treasure, players take on the role of Eratosthenes, an ancient librarian eager to spread enlightenment throughout the land. Armed with scrolls, your mission is to share this knowledge with the citizens of Egypt.

Navigating through various levels, players will encounter numerous challenges, from skeptical individuals to physical barriers. Each stage demands a blend of strategy, timing, and precision to ensure that the scrolls reach their intended recipients. With its intriguing historical backdrop and engaging puzzles, the game beautifully marries education with entertainment.

“Age Of Wonder” invites players to step back in time and appreciate the value of wisdom and the lengths to which one might go to share it. This game is not only a testament to the power of knowledge but also a thrilling adventure through the annals of history.

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